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                                                                        Rev. Dr John D'Alton:



                                                                               Lecturer: Theology


Fr John has been an Orthodox priest for 15 years and before that was an Evangelical pastor and missionary for 25 years (mostly with his wife and children in India).

He is currently the priest of St Ignatius Antiochian Orthodox Church in Mitchell Shire north of Melbourne.

Fr John has a PhD in history and religion from Monash University focused on Syrian church fathers and their teachings on spiritual struggle.

At Monash he lectured and coordinated various religious studies subjects for several years. Before that he was a senior lecturer and head of theology and ministry at Tabor College Victoria.

Fr John and his wife Lyn took over 200 short-term missionaries to India working in the slums with Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists, and started a number of churches in Australia.

Fr John served with Fr Michael on the MIOCS committee in Melbourne, where MIOCS ran Orthodox courses in association with the Melbourne College of Divinity. He enjoys teaching and facilitating Christians to develop in their ministry.

BTh. BMin. Grad Dip Mission Studies. PhD

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