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Clergy Track courses focus on currently serving clergy (in-service) and men preparing for ordination (pre-service) in the Orthodox Church.

The academic content of the track is at seminary level.

*Enrolment in this track, whether as a cleric or pre-service candidate, is subject to the blessing of   the applicant’s Ruling Bishop. Pre-service candidates are expected to participate actively in the   life of their local parish and will be partnered with a clerical mentor for the duration of their   course.

Bachelor of Theology 

The normal qualification is the Bachelor of Theology

This is a three year full-time, or up to nine years part-time, qualification that covers the areas of knowledge required for ordained service.

For the structure of the  Clergy Track  BTh see here.

Diploma of Ministry and Theology

Diploma of Ministry and Theology is one year full-time, up to four years part-time. 

It is a basic qualification ideal for:

  • Serving clergy without a formal theological qualification who are unable to commit to an extended course of study;

  • Clergy wanting a "refresher" course;

  • Clergy with a theological qualification from a non-Orthodox institution who seek a structured foundation specifically in Orthodox faith and practice; and

  • Mature-age pre-service candidates or others who due to their circumstances are unable to commit to an extended course of study.


Graduate Diploma in Divinity

8 units at Postgraduate level.

Master of Divinity

Clergy Track candidates with previous tertiary qualifications in any field other than theology may be admitted to the Master of Divinity.

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