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You can study full or part-time at SCMOI, online from wherever you live in Australia and New Zealand.

                                              Choosing a course

What are your entry qualifications?

  • If you have finished high school and have the equivalent of the VCE, then you can start an undergraduate award such as a bachelor’s degree.

  • If you have a university degree in any field, then you can take a postgraduate award in theology.

  • If you didn’t finish high school, and don’t have the normal university entry qualifications, then you will start as a provisional student in a Diploma of Theology.

  • If you don’t have a degree, but have a significant level of professional attainment, and you do have a minimum of five years of relevant work experience or relevant professional attainment to a standard, recognised by the Academic Board, then you can enter the postgraduate stream through a graduate Certificate in Theology and articulate up to higher awards as you go. 

What is your goal in studying at  SCMOI?

If it is to

  • learn more  about the Orthodox Faith and life of the Church

  • be equipped as a leader, advocate, communicator or Christian educator

  • complete an "all round" tertiary diploma or degree as a basis for further study

  • be  better qualified to help in the work of a local parish

If it is to

  • prepare for ordination in the Orthodox Church

If you

  • have a three-year degree in theology,

       then you should consider the Master of Theology degree 

  • have a three-year degree in a field other than theology,

       then you should consider the Master of Theological Studies degree  

If you are not sure, or you simply want to explore some units and see where that leads, you might start with a Certificate course. Note too that you usually have the option to take a “lower” or shorter award if you do not want to continue in a longer award course. Audit study (not for academic credit) is another option.

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