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Fr Nicholas Karipoff (Lecturer in Theology)

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Metropolitan Jonah (Distinguished Visiting Faculty), Fr Peter Hill (Institute Director), and Fr George Lapardin (Institute Chaplain).

Teaching all people in the service of Christ and His Church

Fr Peter Alban Heers (Distinguished Visiting Faculty)

Bishop Irenei of Richmond

Bp Irenei of Richmond and Western Europe (Distinguished Visiting Faculty)

Our Company Board includes Fr Nicholas Karipoff, Fr Michael Protopopov, and Bp George of Canberra

Preparing men for clerical service in the Orthodox Church


SCMOI delivers courses firmly grounded in the fulness of “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3). We teach the abiding truth of the Church revealed in the Holy Scriptures and Holy Tradition, framed by the Orthodox heritage of worship, prayer and transformed life.


We create opportunities for students to engage deeply in their own learning, to apply knowledge across contexts and to reflect effectively. On-line delivery and resources enable students to tailor study to the demands of their situation.


Learning focuses on solid educational outcomes that equip graduates for ministry, leadership, effective communication, and  to confidently address current and emerging challenges.

Know, Communicate, Apply and Live the Faith.
For Prospective Students

SCMOI offers courses in Orthodoxy, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which are open to all who wish to enrol.


These give a solid foundation in Orthodox theology and practice, with electives that allow students to explore areas of interest and develop skills in ministry and service.

For Prospective and Current Clergy

SCMOI offers courses in Orthodox theology, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which prepare serving clergy and men preparing for ordination in the Orthodox Church.

These give a seminary-level academic preparation for service as an Orthodox priest or deacon.

Cross-Institutional Study

Students currently studying at an Australian university may be eligible to take one or more units for cross-institutional credit.